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HEY YA’LL! Welcome to 33 Monique Moments. My name is Monique and I’m a southern belle with a lot of creativity. I started my minimal lifestyle blog to share my love for clean beauty, natural health and wellness, and minimal fashion.

Seriously ya’ll I have been vegan, vegetarian, and a macro counter. I enjoyed all of my food journeys. I will share the helpful tips here on this blog. When it comes to natural health and wellness…I am the first to ask “What is the natural alternative?’…I would rather follow a natural effective routine over an artificial chemical solution. I’ve experimented with different supplements and I share the ones that really work. So as you can see…there are categories and sub categories. I hope you enjoy my finds, favorites, and must haves. I am always sure to link you directly to the products here on the blog.

Along with these things I am a foodie and a traveler. Some photos and meals are just to good to keep to myself! LOL. Blogs are for authentic converstaions…so feel free to leave a comment in the comment section of the blog. The comment section is at the end of each blog section.

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What do you do for a living?

Answer : I used to be a part-time Certified Pharmacy Technician before becoming an entrepreneur. Besides this blog I own By Me Monique which is a marketing agency for female business owners that are looking to grow their brand online with digital marketing strategies. I am also the owner and maker of Carob Cocoa which is a vegan hair and body butter.

How do you make money online?

Answer : You have to have consistent content…and you have to be sure to be YOU. The internet is all about variety. So when you show up as yourself and offer quality help and content…your audience will organically grow. Once you hit a good rhythm you can begin monetizing your content with affiliate links, digital downloads, and coaching sessions / partnerships. People want to know “HOW” you did it. You give them your knowledge and they pay you in return. Then they go on to teach others. It’s a huge circle.

What are your values?

I am regular Bible reader and I apply what I read in my daily life. I am married. I do my best to be loving and share what I know about spirituality with others. I am also very protective of my privacy. I only share what I want to share. Digital Marketing and Blogging are my professional jobs. I treat them as such.

How old are you?

I am the age I look :-). You may guess wrong and you might guess right. Whatever you guess is what we will go with.

keep reading | keep writing | keep learning

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