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I remember when I first learned about alkaline water. It was during the time that I was vegan and exploring natural alternatives for my health. I actually had a water routine where I would regularly go to the health food store to purchase higher quality water. As you can imagine that was a lot to keep up with. So after about a year I was no longer able to keep up my clean water routine. However…recently I discovered a local Alkalized Water Bar. I was so excited to give Renew-U 360 Water Bar a try! Let’s talk about it…

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Why Alkaline Water is a Better Choice vs Purified Water

One of the great things about having a local alkaline water bar… is that the owner is on site ready to help you make an informed decision. One of the draw backs to buying purified water at traditional retail locations, is that you have to try and figure out which brand of water is right for you an your family. All that time you spend standing in the aisle alone…could be spent speaking to an Alkaline Water Specialist that can prepare your customized alkaline water program. On top of that…you walk away with simple instructions and suggestions about how to use your alkaline water for multiple household purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Alkalized water is not a one size fits all approach to staying hydrated and healthy. Yep…that’s right there are levels to alkalized water. Renew-U 360 will prepare your water at an alkaline level that will not shock your system. When I did my original research on alkalized water, the three benefits that appealed to me were as follows : increased energy levels…improved hydration…and decreased inflammation and pain. These are (3) , of many reasons, to give alkalized water a try. Investing in a quality gallon of alkalized water is worth the hydration experience. This is not to say that you will never drink non-alkalized water Blog Post Renew U 360 2 again…because that would be unrealistic…but definitely take the time to treat yourself to rich water resources when you can.

Does Alkalized Water Taste Different?

Absolutely. One of the BIGGEST reasons that people DO NOT enjoy drinking the amount of water they need to drink…never fells to be : “I don’t like the taste”. I think what people mean to say is that water doesn’t have a taste LOL. This definitely is a true statement. Some of that is due to the various processes and storage practices that are necessary to make water available for multiple brands in multiple stores. Unfortunately, the robust taste of water is lost in the sauce (aka stripped of tasty minerals) after all of the manufacturing processes. After I picked up my gallon of water from Renew-U 360…I gave it a taste and it was just as robust as I remembered it to be. I am not saying it taste like fruit juice…LOL. But…It does have a FULL taste. I feel like I’m getting a great majority of the minerals I’m supposed to be getting from water. That is my experience with the Renew-U 360 Water (H20) that was custom alkalized for me.

Ready to Give Alkaline Water a Try…

Renew-U 360 is located “locally” in Brentwood, TN only 20-30 minutes away from Downtown, Nashville. Renew-U 360 is female owned. Lillyce is the owner. She is not only passionate about alkalized water benefits…but she is equally educated about WHY alkalized water is a great choice for you and your family. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the rich and robust alkalized water that Renew-U 360 will prepare custom to your needs. While your there, be sure to schedule a spa day to take advantage of the Renew-U 360 Sauna…Red Light Therapy…& Salt Bed. As women…we need treat yourself days and self-care sessions to decompress from ALL of the hats we wear. If you are a creative entrepreneur like myself…we just need time away from the laptop LOL. Drink some water today…and visit Renew-U 360 for all of your alkalized water needs!

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