Instagram History | Private Instagram vs Public Instagram | Why I Chose to Switch All of My Instagram Accounts to Private | Marketing Mindset

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You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. Where Instagram came from really helped to shape my view of how I want to use Instagram as a tool. Whenever I start something new, it takes a little time to build the interest of others. Once I gained 100 followers on …


Sister Tribe Cosmetics | Matte Lip Color Swatch On Medium Brown Skin | Local Nashville Female Owned Small Business | Gifted Post

33 Monique Moments

I don’t know about you…but finding the perfect lipstick and/or lip gloss shade is NOT easy. Now days we have so many options. There’s matte, gloss, butter, creamy, and the texture list goes on. So, when I discovered that Nashville had their very own lipstick and lip gloss brand owners…I went right over to check …


7 Days of Using Kadalys Organic Skincare on My Oily Acne Prone Skin Type ~ Sustainable Eco-Friendly Banana Science Skincare ~ Sponsored Post

Kadalys Skincare Review Blog Post

Skincare is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Every time I go inside of a store that has a skincare aisle…I have to stroll down that aisle before I leave the store LOL. I don’t know about you…but I get supper excited when I see clean beauty skincare. There’s just something about reading that a product …