PR & Brand Collaborations Only

What it’s like to have me as a Brand Ambassador?

Phase One

Your PR / Marketing team sends over an email request for a sponsorship. I respond in kind with my questions. After my questions have been answered and we decide to move forward…upon your request I email you my Media Kit.

Phase Two

After we negotiate the price of creating the content, it is time for the sponsorship contract. I have my own attorney and contracts. If you would like to write the contract I will review it with my attorney. After everything is to the benefit of both parties…the contract will be signed and I will begin creating the deliverables.

Phase Three

Your PR / Marketing team reviews my content and contacts me to make any necessary edits to the content. My content creator invoice must be paid via PayPal between the final approval and publishing date.

Phase Four

I will be glad to send the PR / Marketing team detailed analytics after the content has been up for (3) months.

When you partner with me as one of your brand ambassadors, you partner with a creative director, photographer, copywriter, social media marketer, website designer, SEO specialist, podcaster, YouTuber, and an overall sweet influential woman.


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