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The Influencer Dilemma

You are creative. Your content is quality. However, your numbers DO NOT reflect this creativity….YET. I am definitely in this category of an influencer who’s content exceeds her numbers. The good news is…follower numbers do not hold the same weight that they used to. Now days brands are looking for REAL accounts that convert. Knowing whether or not a creator can convert has way more to do with engagement¬† and reach than followers. That being said…I am going to share my strategy on how I build genuine followings buy focusing on DEPTH vs SPEED. It is more to build on what is already budding instead of focusing on seeds that have not sprouted yet.

33 Monique Moments
33 Monique Moments

Depth VS Speed

It is so important to focus on your super fans. These are the content consumers that show up for everything you post. A lot of times they are not popular or well known…but they are loyal. They are watching your content and growing their know like and trust for you. So DO NOT ignore them and think they don’t matter. They do matter. You might want the gurus to follow you…but WHY…LOL. They are no longer in the “following” season they are maintaining their growth…so waiting on them to hit follow is pointless. Turn your attention toward the content consumers that are paying attention to you. Trust me when you start creating for that one loyal follower…that loyal following starts to grow. This is when you start to grow customer and business to business relationships, This is how you grow deep instead just growing fast.

This rule is the same for Brands that you want to work with. You cannot tag them once and expect them to pay a million dollars for your ONE post that you tagged them and they liked it…LOL. Likely, they will try to use your content for FREE before they want to pay. Regardless, you have to intentionally catch their attention and also go to their brands page and like and comment on the existing content. I do this with the Brands I want to work with that heart or like my content that I tag them in. I caught their attention and now I want to keep their attention. So…until I get ready to pitch them…we play like tag LOL.

33 Monique Moments

How to Identify Your Peeps

The easiest way to identify your tribe is to review the accounts of the content consumers that come to your stories at least three times. If they come three times…trust me they will come more times. You know why? Because they believe you. The last thing you want to do is break their trust by lacking consistency in your stories. Listen to me here : if you don’t post noting else…make sure to always post in your Instagram stories. The Instagram grid is your figurative brick and mortar. Instagram stories is the inside of your brick and mortar. It is much easier to recommend quality¬† products and services to a customer inside your store instead of outside your store. That being said…LIVE visitors are practically at the counter ready to purchase. So if you ask me…the two most important places to be on Instagram are Stories and LIVE. Until our next blog chat…show up and show them how it’s done. Remember to check out my Patreon.

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