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The time: March 2020. The situation: a global pandemic. Yes, we know it oh so well, within days my mental state went from normal to a heighten sense of survival during a time of unknown possibilities. In addition to this major shift in the way that life, as I knew it, would be altered, I had just made my employee to entrepreneur transition. This part is significant because as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (for over a decade) my work has always required me to be super active. I’ve never had a 9-5 sit down job. Little did I know that entrepreneurship would introduce me to the “sitting” work lifestyle. For the first time I experienced the foot discomfort and any other discomfort that comes with sitting at a 90-degree angle for 2 to 3 hours at a time. One would think that sitting is comfortable, but our bodies are designed to move often, so sitting is actually quite aggravating to the knees, neck, back, and feet.

Obviously, I enjoy my new entrepreneur occupation as a digital artist and marketer, so I decided to readjust my mental focus from pandemic survival to whole-body fitness. This is not my first fitness rodeo. Once upon a year I was a gym goer and was successful at sculpting my physique to actually have muscles. This blog is all about how I’m getting back to fitness. My fitness journeys are more focused on being active and increasing energy vs weight loss. For me, weight loss is a natural biproduct of intentionally moving more often. Without further udo, let’s get into how I’m accomplishing my fitness routine.

If you want to do something, do the research and then execute the plan.

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Night Owl Turned Early Bird – Hopefully

One thing about establishing any routine is that starting my day early gives me a great advantage on getting ALL the things done. I’m more of a before 12pm workout person. After 12pm, I chance not actually working out at all. The first thing I had to do to make an exercise routine happen for me was set up a work schedule. Yep, as an entrepreneur sometimes I would just work at all times of the day. Two years into my business, I realized I needed set times to work. I also needed to alter my booking calendar so that it could reflect my availability as limited. I decided that I would try my best to rise before 7:30am to take advantage of the morning hours. The next thing I did was find some good ole fitness inspiration via content creators. One thing about me, I’m gon’ find creators that are into what I’m trying to accomplish LOL. I’m curious to know if you’re familiar with anyone that I’m about to reference. Let me know in the comment section. This part of the fitness journey keeps me motivated. This is the perfect example of how the whole “parasocial” thing is a benefit vs drawback. I don’t know these creators from Adam to Eve, but I know what I need to know (the fitness content they create).

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Positive Fitness Influence (YouTube Podcast & Blogs)

I’ve been a consumer of long form content for a long time and I often find it way more interesting than TV. I have my TV favorites but that’s a different blog, let me not digress.

YouTube Fitness Inspiration

I’ll start with YouTube. I really enjoyed a few creators from my previous fitness journey and I’m so glad their videos are still published years later. The exercise creators that I enjoy include the following in their respective categories:

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Wellness Podcast Inspiration

Next up are podcast host that share tips on eating habits, health science, and overall whole-body wellness. Please understand that I do not listen to every episode of these shows, but I do enjoy hearing them talk about fitness. They have plenty of episodes to choose from, so read the titles and pick the episodes that you think you would enjoy.

Wellness Blog Inspiration

OK, so this list is super generic. I actually really enjoy a couple of mainstream health and wellness blogs. If you know of a fitness blog that you enjoy let me know in the comment section.


I look forward to enjoying more workouts and reaping the benefits of being intentionally active. If you’re also on a fitness journey how’s it going for you?

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