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Skincare is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Every time I go inside of a store that has a skincare aisle…I have to stroll down that aisle before I leave the store LOL. I don’t know about you…but I get supper excited when I see clean beauty skincare. There’s just something about reading that a product has shea butter…aloe…vitamin E…and banana antioxidants. You’re probably like wait…banana antioxidants??? Yes…Kadalys skincare is formulated using banana derived ingredients that are full of beneficial antioxidants for the skin. Fun fact: Kadalys is the first organic and eco-conscious skincare brand that upcycles banana agri-waste into patented and clinically proven bio-actives that rejuvenate skin. So the big question is…did they work for my oily acne prone skin?

Organic skincare makes me feel like I’m feeding my skin exactly what it needs.

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The Musaclean Cleansing Gel

Finding the ideal cleanser for my skin is a challenge. Sometimes…the cleanser is drying because it’s “oil-free” and sometimes it has so much glycerin that it makes my skin oilier…and I end up getting acne because of it. The Kadalys Musaclean Gel is the perfect formula for my skin. It’s gentle enough for my eyes and its soap free so…it doesn’t dry out my skin. Using this cleanser for 7 days resulted in clean- smooth-happy skin! Let’s move onto the moisturizer.

The Hydramuse 24 Hour Comforting Cream

Soo..as you just read the name is “cream”. This moisturizer is definitely meant to penetrate the skin and last all day. I was pleasantly surprised that it really did last all day. A little goes a long way. Even though this is a medium consistency cream…I can still use a serum and/or a skin oil without it being too greasy -or- my pores being clogged. Using this cream for 7 days resulted in greater skin elasticity. I felt like it helped to protect my skins moisture barrier.

Musaclean Pure Melt Cleansing Gel-in-Oil

Now this is one of Kadalys’s start products. I can tell you why. Simply put…IT WORKS. I used this to remove a full face of makeup and that makeup wiped right off. Afterwards…I double cleansed with the Musaclean Cleansing Gel. My makeup was melted away and my skin was left residue free. It didn’t make my eyes burn. A lot of times makeup removers aggravate my eyes. I definitely suggest getting this makeup remover to add to your organic eco-friendly skincare collection.

Kadalys Banana Balm

This is one of my last steps in my skin care routine. I like to seal the deal with a nice moisturizing lip balm. This balm also worked well beneath my lip gloss and lipstick. If you like the smell of banana candy…then you’re gonna love this banana balm. When products have nostalgic scents…it makes using them comforting.

Comment Time

That is the Kadalys skincare lineup that I tried…now it’s your turn to talk to me. Have you ever tried skincare based in banana science? Which part of your current skincare is your favorite?

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