My Leipzig Germany Travel Notes

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”

David Mitchell

Leipzig, Germany Notes

I love to travel. Now, I’m not going to follow that sentence, by saying that I have traveled to 50+ countries. Not yet! I soak up every opportunity I have to travel away from home. When I travel I have an advantage. I am part of worldwide organization, that allows me the privilege of traveling with friend benefits. My family and I literally get to experience trips with natives of the place that we are traveling to. You guessed it, we have friends in Leipzig, Germany. In this blog post I am going to share my trip essential facts learned while traveling from the southern United States, all the way to the quaint and artistic city of Leipzig, Germany!

Food Notes
  • Potato Pizza
  • Shawrma
  • Amazing Bread Bakeries
  • Dessert To L I V E For
  • Cheesy Homemade Soups and Sandwiches
  • Chocolate.. Chocolate.. and More Chocolate
Geography Notes
  • East Germany (Two and half hours) from Berlin
  • A City of Art and Art Museums
  • Beautiful Historical Architecture
  • City Center Downtown full of Shops
  • Nashville like feel in Germany (I’m from Nashville, TN)
  • Beautiful Cobble Stone Streets
  • German, English, Kurdish, and Arabic are few of the many languages you will find in Leipzig, Germany
Daily Life Notes 
  • Public Bathrooms are not plentiful and the cost
  • Parking is not readily available like in the south USA
  • You will WALK a lot
  • The automobiles driven there are environment friendly (sounds like the car shuts off when you get a red light)
  • You probably will not understand the traffic lights (so be careful)
  • You bring your own bags to the store
  • You recycle all of your water bottles in a machine and get money back to buy more water and groceries
End Notes

I love our trip to Leipzig, Germany. I enjoyed trying to learn key phrases in the German language. I love and miss all of our friends that showed us an amazing time in Leipzig, Germany 🖤.

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⪢ Have you ever been to Germany? What was your favorite food while you were visiting?

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