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Are Natural Products Worth it?

Updated: Mar 17


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So you have seen all of these new deodorants-house cleaning products-body products for nineteen dollars ! OK, maybe not nineteen but certaintly more than four dollars. What is the deal ? Why is there a supply and demand for this natural and organic option? Should I buy it?

First things first, these new natural and organic options do have a different set of ingredients. These often have plant derived ingredients. I do not know about you but, when I see and hear plant based, I feel positive. Smiling. However, let’s keep in mind that there are plants that we absolutely stay clear of because they are in fact deadly upon interaction. So as I always encourage, consider the realistic facts. Take what is written and then research. For example you might be shocked to find that even the most natural of essential oils have estrogen mimicking properties. Look it up.

Now for the traditional products. Traditional products have more of a chemical based foundation. Keep in mind some of these ingredients have been around for years. Just because something has been around for years does not mean it is better. It is simply trusted and familiar.

Another determining factor in both natural and traditional ingredients is fragrance. I am not a scientist, but fragrance can be a real problem. Fragrance is a problem in both natural and traditional products. One time I used lemongrass on my acne and I developed a rash. That was not the essential oil by itself. It was user error. I used too much and I did not dilute it. You see the problem here. I was sensitive to this essential oil. Later I used it diluted and it work beautifully. So that was the solution. Also, when I wash dishes, natural or not, I do not want the fragrance left on my dish. I don’t want lemon scrambled eggs LOL.

This brings me to real natural products like apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and any other unpopular one ingredient cleanser. Yes you can use them but many of us do not want the smell of vinegar all around our bodies and home.

So the traditional and natural products have the same bottom line. That bottom line is profit. So you pick what you like. Personally I like to buy all of my cleansers and toiletry products from plant based brands. I can read those ingredients and I can measure the amount that my skin and home come in contact with. The fragrance is present but it does not stain or linger in the same way as some traditional products linger.

There are pros and cons. Your skin and lungs are very important organs. So protect your skin and your lungs. Pay attention to the ingredients. Pay attention to your reactions. Make the change as needed.


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