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Counting My Macros (Macronutrients)

Updated: Mar 17

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You might ask why MACROS are anything to blog about. Most of the time when you hear this phrase it is in association with getting healthy and measuring calories. However, this post will be different.

Where I live in USA there are a lot food choices. The food choices are designed to please your taste buds. Naturally, growing up you try a little of all the delicious sweet and salty foods. Often just like that, something salty and then something sweet. Having this wide variety of choices makes it hard to scale down to what is actually needed to sustain your energy and well being.

So for me after 30 I had to leave the typical diet of snacks with eight hundred ingredients and food that was prepared by people I have never met, behind. Youth is a beautiful thing. The Bible tells the truth about the aging process in the book of Ecclesiastes. In goodwill mankind always tries to land on the fountain of youth.

That brought me to the question “what does sustain me“? How was it that in my twenties I could shove all types of food down and seemingly not be bothered by any long lasting side effects. My medical labs were great and reflected my youthful state.

I needed to understand why food was making such a big impact on how I felt. Interesting that in your youth you do not count a calorie, and your body balances out every morsel of food you eat. You don’t worry. You just eat when your hungry. Once we age a little, learn a little, we begin to think a little. Sometimes we just end up over thinking! This happens when we enter the world of eating for health.

Eating for health is not a negative overrated thing. Naturally as we age we want to cater to what our bodies may be having trouble adjusting to. I get it. With this comes getting into supplements and the like. Now what is interesting is that too much of a good thing can sometimes be too much, if you were never truly deficient in what the good thing was. You feel my train of thought? I got into trying all the food and supplement fads. Needless to say, I did not need all of them! I am only in my thirties.

So what is it that I need? I cannot eat like I used to. I feel hungry. I lost weight, but honestly loosing 30 pounds got old. That size just was not me. It felt good to buy x-smalls and size 4 and 6 after being medium-large and 10-12 since I was 16 years old.

After about a year and looking back at old pictures, I began to miss that fat. Laugh out loud! Yes I missed my round face and pleasingly plumpness. The only feature I strive to maintain about my smaller self is that flat like stomach. Notice I said “flat like” I do not enjoy a washboard ab look on me.

See in the age of sharing online we assume things about people’s physique. We also assume that we would look good with the same physique. The hard work and tremendous attention to detail is often NOT shared. Sometimes that work and detail can cause more harm than good. It can cause mental and physical anxiety. This type of pressure can wreck havoc on a females well being. I can speak on female well being because I am a female.

This is where you have to take peoples sharing with a grain of salt. Watch them, listen to them, and look at their pics for inspiration. DO NOT copy everything about them. So I got into MACROS because across the board of physical fitness experts at some point utilize MACROS. Many of them use it for body building competition. However, as we discussed I am not in that type of mindset. So if I could just implement 25 percent of their suggestions I am good.

What are MACROS? This stands for macronutrients. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Yes FOOD! Again in the age of sharing their are so many HEALTHY options you are just as confused as when you were eating junk food. Picture yourself standing in the aisle in a state of confusion at the grocery store.

Macronutrients allowed me the opportunity to re-introduce myself to my body. After all of the don’t eat this or that, I needed to focus on what I’m really eating. Counting macronutrients can help someone gain, maintain, or loose weight. I appreciate the route of counting macronutrients because you can take care of two things at once. I have never practiced counting calories exclusively.

See when you turn a food package around and look at what its made of and the ratios of the macros, you have more control over what your body will do with it.

First, I figured out the math of how many macros I needed in a day to feel full. Once I had that set number of calories I could began to rebuild a food routine that fit my lifestyle. I typically enjoy breakfast and dinner. Lunch as an adult has always been a question mark for me. I prefer to eat a meal of snacks after breakfast.

It worked! I felt satisfied. I learned that a big portion of my medical concerns were remedied with eating enough protein. My doctor suggested that I increase my protein. Again across the board experts say to eat about 60 to 100 grams of protein per day. Counting my macros helped me to understand the right amount of protein grams for my body. The amount fluctuates depending on hormones and life.

I also learned the right amount of fat that was good for me. I tried eating high fat, avocados and such and my stomach and gallbladder were like “ no new friends please ” laugh out loud. Carbohydrates are tricky. I thrive on carbs. However, the carbs have to be whole food carbs and less processed. I enjoy about ten percent of my carbs in processed treats, but never candy. I know what all of the candy taste like, I ate it almost daily in my more youthful days. There are some things food wise that my wisdom just will not allow me to eat. Pun intended.

I only needed to count my macros for about three months on and off to figure out my style of eating. If I happen to get off the beaten path, I count them again until I am back on track. That is my moment with macros!

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