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Updated: May 31


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1. What is a Blogger ? Do you make videos ?

Yep. You have heard it. They asked you. And at first you probably said something weird. If you didn't, good for you. I said something weird. LOL. However, the more people ask the better you get at explaining it. Actually this answer can be short and simple, I think people ask this because currently Blogger degrees and certificates are not in rotation. Writing is a form a art, and art is objective. If you have talents that cannot be taught, sometimes people belittle that talent because they don't have the time to learn it. So don't worry about that. They will come around once they understand. Answer: I write...key word...write about relatable Lifestyle experiences that readers enjoy and can learn from. Obviously, that is different from a video log of your experiences.

2. But don't you worry that people will copy your stuff?

People copy people everyday. That is how popular phrases make it around the internet. Simply put... if you worry about everything that could go wrong you will not start. Take the needed meausres and write your blog. My goodness now days we have so many ways of checking anaylyics and etc. people that copy can be discovered a lot easier. Answer: Worry but don't worry. Stay original, because guess what no one can still your thoughts. If your material is original you can honestly start back over any day.

3. How can you make money doing that?

I am finding that some bloggers have been blogging at least a year and some as long as 10 years before it became profitable. A lot of that time has to do with how dedicated you are to posting a blog every week. It is work. There is creativity, time to type, and time to proof read. There are some hours involved. Also your audience has to be built somewhere. Now days there are many social platforms to direct attention to you blog. So its possible have a large following somewhere and then decide to BLOG, that means faster monetization. If your like me your BLOG and your audience are growing together. Answer: Staying consistent with quality material that solves a problem and/or answers a popular opinion.

Blog on blogger. If writing is truly a hobby, the journeuy will be an experience to write about ! See what I just did with those words? LOL


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