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Social media has various influences. Depending on the age group, you will get different feedback. If you ask a teenager, they know ALL about it. If you ask an 80-year-old, they might have social media to see their beautiful grandbabies. Social media is all about how and why you socialize. That being the case, we are going to focus on my current experience with social media.

Currently, I only use Instagram because it is aesthetically pleasing to me. I chose to open an account and look around the platform under a private setting. I did this because I wanted to look at what was currently seen as popular and beautiful. I was able to see the layout of various feeds. I was able to check out my favorite podcasters and YouTubers and their IG style. It was fun because it was like meeting a whole different side of my favorite creators. I feel like IG is where creators relax and quickly create and edit only a little.

The community on IG is also very interesting too. Social media implies that people follow people they do not know, but many people run in the same circles. For example, I purposefully follow a few financial-focused IG accounts. I already knew these people from YouTube and podcasts I listen to. Come to find out, they are all pretty much familiar with each other too LOL. The same stands for the Etsy shop planner ladies that I follow. Apparently, the accounts I follow also follow one another, which I find very interesting. Without even meeting people in real life, through their content, you can identify if they would vibe well with you and your business vision.

This brings me to another topic regarding your social media following and who you follow. First, ALWAYS be authentic. No one can do YOU better than YOU. Remember that. Also, understand that you are not for everyone and everyone is not for you. In the beginning, you may experience a variety of emotions. We are human. This means that just because you decide to follow someone that you consider cool and useful DOES NOT mean they will follow you back. Remember, you are stepping into new online territory. People don't know you and they don't know if you are going to stay around. So in that moment you might feel disappointment. It will pass. Now, that does not mean that you should stop following them. If you chose to genuinely follow an account that feeds your purpose, keep following. They built know like and trust for you; now its time for you to build know like and trust for them and others. They may never follow you back, but soon when you begin to grow YOUR community, it will not matter. You’re growing, so it is not a big deal if a few people do not return your follow. You may not be valuable to them just yet. Focus on your genuine engagement and everything will even out.

So what about the individuals that you decide not to follow? Uh huh, you see how the table just turned?? This is where you start to understand what it’s like to be “famous”, or people "liking you" without ever talking to you. So now it’s in your hands to decide to follow back or not. Here is how I would go about doing that.

There are a few things you need to consider to help you make your choice. Go over to their social media page. Look over it. See if the content is something you want to see in your feed. Would you genuinely be able to like, comment and engage with their content? Now for me, I like content that is educational, inspiring, and entertaining. Unfortunately, some people use their body to inflate a following. I appreciate content where the creator dresses modestly. Okay, moving on.

Next thing, when considering whether to follow an account back. I look at their number behavior. Numbers don't lie. Example: Followers 96 Following 1752. Do you see the imbalance? Doesn't look like this account is bothered when someone does not follow them back. As you can see you will not be the first person not to follow them back. So do not guilt yourself. In time if they prove to engage regularly with your post, then you can consider following them back. Do they currently post stories? Are their stories good? What does their feed mostly consist of ? My rule is I only allow public accounts to follow me. Unless I personally know the private account holder. Otherwise, if I can’t see you, you cant see me. Don't loose sleep. Online businesses have fluid audiences. The audience big or small will always gain and loose followers. Such is life! You just keep offering quality content.

Moving along to the friends and family category. I always like to have some of my family and friends present for my social media work. Sometimes you just want to be where everyone knows your name and...you know if you know the rest of the song LOL.

I can sum this up for you by saying: Be real, be strategic, pay attention to your feed, and remember your page is a business page. Make business moves. Have amazing customer service. Mind your business and mind your business.

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