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Simple Steps to Build a Good Routine

Updated: May 31



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Today having routines is definitely a thing. I have seen a lot of videos centered around this very topic. I think in the age public video footage this is great. A routine written is nice, but a live demonstration is even more motivating. In this post I will share how I develop routines that stick with me long term. Let's get into it.

The first thing to do is identify an area in your life where you need a routine. If your not sure where to start, think of something you keep forgetting because you simply don't have time. That is a great place to start. Once you identify the need, write it down. Writing things down really puts an impression on your brain. Spend a little time in thought pondering over how you would execute this routine. Write that down. For example, write down the desired routine in your schedule for the day in chronological order. This helps you to envision you doing the routine as a part of your day.

Now for the execution. You are going to need some motivation. I personally like to focus my social content consumption on the new routine that I am trying to implement in my lifestyle. Prime example if I am saying that I want to start a financial budgeting routine, then constantly consuming content on perfume vlogs is not going to serve me. Now if I am looking to purchase a fragrance that makes me smell like a million dollars then I will consume perfume content. You understand where I am coming from. Your brain and emotions are heavily influenced by what you see and hear.

This is the fun part of developing a routine. If you like video content YT is a great place to start. YT works as a search engine. So search for whichever healthy routine your trying to start. I like to find at least three video content creators on the topic. Edutainment is beneficial. Watch them execute the routine in their vlogs. This helps a lot ! I personally get really motivated when I hear things as well. I like to find three podcast that focus on topics that relate to my new routine. For example if I am trying to really be a little more health conscience I will listen to some health and fitness podcast to keep me motivated.

I guess what I am trying to say/type is you need to create a virtual support system for your new routine. Once you have the routine set in stone you can move along and revisit the virtual support system as needed. The reason I think this is beneficial is because we all have close family and friends but usually those individuals are not on the same self improvement journey with you at the same time. They support everything you do but they are not getting paid to create content to keep you motivated. See even video content creators are professionals being monetized to help you stay motivated.

I heard it said that doing one task at least 10 times or for 21 days, turns the task into a habit.

I personally have witnessed this in my own experience with developing new habits. Within this time period you will forget a few times but do not give up! Keep going. The fact that you keep practicing the routines lets your brain know your serious.

Ready. Set. GO! Pick the routine that will serve you and save you time. Create a little virtual support system via YouTube and or Podcast. Write the routine down. Check off each time you complete the routine for the first three weeks or so. Before you know it you will have a much smoother flow throughout the day and you will be ready to tackle your next routine!

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