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My Daily Water Routine

Updated: May 31


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I know...this is a picture of the beach. Stay with me. The water in this picture makes it beautiful. The water in this picture looks refreshing. If you have been on the beach, the sound of the water is music that is in perfect harmony with your mind. It is so relaxing. Their is a reason why these people are at the beach! As amazing as we think ocean water is, water might be the last thing you desire to drink all day everyday. But your body enjoys water like you enjoy the beach. Maybe you need to drink more. Maybe you need to drink less. In this BLOG I am going to share how I finally got past drinking only half a bottle of water in a day. Don't judge me I was young full of water and collagen rich. LOL.

I used to really like drinking juice. I wasn't even a fan of POP if your in the North USA or cold drink/soda if your in South USA, and fizzy drinks for anyone international. My downfall was drinking a lot of fruit and vitamin drinks that had water as the first ingredient and everything else that made it sweet to my palate. When you know better you do better. I learned that this was the worst idea for daily consumption.

So I began my water drinking journey with educating my self on the benefits of water. I watched documentaries, YouTube videos, and read a few BLOGS of course! The content I consumed was mostly personal experiences. I like personal experiences because we are all human. Some of the research I did included reasonable answers to the following questions. Is it better to drink warm water or cold water? How much water should I drink first thing in the morning? How much water should you consume in one day? Does tea count as water ? Does coffee dehydrate you ? Should you drink and eat during meal time? I will share my answers and reasons. I will also share my water drinking routine that I have put into place that works great for me !

Room temperature water is my usual preference. I start EVERYDAY with 16oz of water. I drink half my body weight plus 16oz in the summer. In the winter I drink just 1/2 my body weight. I do not count tea as water. So I drink tea occasionally but I still drink my basic water amount. I am not a huge coffee drinker. I do feel as though coffee is dehydrating to my body. So I follow any coffee beverage with 12oz to 16oz of water. Do I drink during meal time? This question is tricky. Some people need to drink while eating because they may have a digestion issue. I personally like to drink 2 cups of water about one hour before I have a meal. And if I am only eating a 300-500 calorie snack I will drink about 1 cup before the snack and 1 cup after the snack. I always have my next 16oz close by because I like to clean my palate and teeth after the meal.

My current water drinking routine is simple and easy to follow without too much thought.

A.M. - After I wake up I clean my tongue and then drink 16oz of water.

I wait 45 minutes before I eat breakfast. This allows my body to benefit from the hydration before it begins digesting food.

A.M.- About one hour and a half after breakfast I drink 16oz of water as pure hydration. At that point I would not be eating lunch.

Afternoon- I go ahead and drink 16 oz of water 45min to one hour before lunch.

After I finish my lunch I swish and swallow a few times with water to cleanse my palate and teeth with about 4oz of water from the next 16oz of water that I have left.

P.M.- I go ahead and eat dinner and finish off my last of 16oz for the day.

*As I mentioned in the summer I have an extre16 oz of water.

This is what works for me and my body weight. But we are all different sizes so you might need more or less at each water drinking session. As for my current juice choices, I go for organic tart cranberry juice that I mix with water for a nice drink after breakfast. Do your research and do what works for you! The important thing is to drink water all day and cut back on the amount of sugar laden drinks that are consumed.

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