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My Skins Moisture Barrier

Updated: Mar 17


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Yes, it needs its own blog! The moisture barrier is so important for the skin. What is the moisture barrier? It is your skins outermost layer that gives your skin the ability to keep water and moisture in and keep environmental damage out. This helps your skin to be less sensitive.

What happened to my moisture barrier? I began to have acne issues that really annoyed me. I wanted to literally scrape my hyperpigmentation off of my face. However, that would escalate my skin problem very quickly. I didn’t need those problems. So I started on a quest to scrape off my hyperpigmentation a different way. This is where things took a L (left) not right.

I know your like, "How come you didn’t just go to a professional"? I have experience in the pharmacy field and I knew exactly what I would be prescribed. So I was not in a rush for those powerful chemicals just yet. I wanted to DIY the process first. So I did. I basically became instantly drawn to the skincare aisles everywhere. This was a bit of a problem because I only have one face. But marketing of skincare is so good that it can make you believe that you can use every cream at one time. So I ended up with each brands version of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

So we began the skin care drama. If my face could talk it would scream please STOP! The way I was feeling about my hyperpigmentation, I wouldn’t have listened. I started to vigorously wash my face with either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid based face washes. My face at first did fine. It felt clean and not too dry. So of course I continued on with a chemical base toner and moisturizer. On day three of the routine my skin would feel super tight and look like glass. And would you know it ? I would get a pimple. WHAT? Yes, in effort to rip acne off my face I was producing more acne. I was highly confused. I figured after two months I needed a professional.

Oh, the infamous dermatologist visit. Like I mentioned before I knew exactly what I was going to be prescribed and that I was. I was scared to use it. I did use it but unfortunately I did not reap any benefits, because the harsh washing and moisturizing of my face did not change. My skin has a rhythm, and at that time, I was treating it as if it was always on the same key. It wasn’t. An esthetician informed me that I had practically erased my skins moisture barrier. Moisture what ? Huh. Oh my goodness!

Here we go! Research here I come. This included blogs and vlogs. So in short, I was overtreating my skin. I was sucking water and moisture out of my skin in effort to downsize the oiliness. The message my skin received was, "oh you need more oil", and it tried to compensate which aggravated my large pores and wah- lah a pimple. I was doing too much to often. I did not give my skin the proper span of time to build its moisture barrier between chemical based products. I began to notice that my skin rejuvenates every three days. So 72 hours is what my skin needs to get itself together.

I began a new routine. I can still use the salicylic acid base products, but only once a day. I chose to use my chemical based products at night. I follow up in the morning with black soap and a moisturizing toner. I then use a scar oil mixed in a cream textured moisturizer. I then apply a sunscreen mixed in with a lighter moisturizer. You get the drift, I stopped wringing my skin out. I began giving it moisture and time to breath. Now I have fewer active acne pimples. My scars heal better and quicker. And my skin never feels parched. I figured out how to work with my skin. My skin rewards me!

If you have acne, try and focus on the other positive aspects of your beauty. Do not waste your energy on being negative about yourself because you have acne. Ignore senseless comments of others that do not have one acne pimple. Do what you have to do to treat your face. It might require you to wear makeup a little more often than you are used to.

Please reference my blog about skin care for tips on avoiding more acne while wearing the makeup. Be kind to yourself and to your skin. Find other things about your face that you love. Do your research. I hope that you find your skins natural rhythm and dance with it !

KEEP| Reading. KEEP| Writing. KEEP| Learning.

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