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Updated: May 31


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I have occasional active acne. My acne actually started to become famous 3 years ago. My question to myself is: Why now ? My acne always came and went with ease in my teenage years. I barely even had acne as teenager. Does this sound like you? In this post we are going to break it down.

Let’s solve my mystery. My skin is abundant with melanin. This is great but at the same time it is not. When my skin is clear it is golden. When my skin is irritated it is not happy and it shows me. That word irritated is of the utmost importance in this conversation.

I started to purchase real makeup, you know the kind from higher end makeup retailers. It was FUN. I just loved the way it melted on my skin. The airbrush effect was marvelous. One little problem, I had quality makeup but less than mediocre skin care. At the time I could not tell you anything about proper ADULT skin care. Skin care changes as we age. In my youth my skin was full of collagen and water. The new skin cells turned over very quickly. Those days fade away without letting you know their leaving.

It is true that some people could put tar on their face and never get acne LOL. That is great for them. We all have our strengths. Back to my acne. Two years after wearing makeup on and off, my skin was awful. I had small galaxies on my cheeks. Interesting because throughout these three years my acne was never localized to “hormonal areas” ex. my forehead and chin were fine. If I could describe it, it was like no matter what I did the exact same acne would show up. I finally realized it was because I was not properly removing the makeup.

Moving on. I accidently discovered something while spending some time in Germany. That is a later travel post. Before I left for Germany I had my skin was almost clear and then I went to erase those last few marks with essential oils. MISTAKE ! I burned a few spots on my face right before the trip. Oh my goodness. So guess what this meant back to makeup. This time it was a must. However, I was using plant based skin care that included vitamin E. I had to pack exactly what I was going to use. This meant that I had to use the same cleanser, toner, and moisturizer everyday. Something interesting happened. My skin burns cleared up without leaving hyperpigmentation.

I caught on to the fact that my skin needs a healthy regimented routine, day and night. My skin loves products with a moisture base. Most products with glycerin and hyaluronic acid are my skins best friend. Back to the makeup because it is so fun. However, my cheek acne continued to live on my face. I noticed that I would get a mountain on my cheek by the second hour of wearing the makeup. I could literally feel the pimple growing. Ah hah! Mystery solved!

I was not properly applying or removing my makeup. So in all of this I learned that before I put makeup on, my face and makeup brushes need to be CLEAN. I need makeup primer because I have very oily skin. When my oil mixes with the makeup products in my large pores they clash and a pimple develops. My skin needs that primer as a barrier. When I get ready to remove the makeup I have to use an oil based cleanser, a soap cleanser, and a mild moisturizing cleanser. Yes it is a process. So now that I know better… I do better. I ask myself, self “Do you have time for the entire process ?” If the answer is NO, I leave the makeup for another time. Always test, trial, and record. You might be able to solve your acne mystery too!


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