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You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. Where Instagram came from really helped to shape my view of how I want to use Instagram as a tool. Whenever I start something new, it takes a little time to build the interest of others. Once I gained 100 followers on Instagram, I had more feature availabilities, and in my opinion, because I was focused on building know, like, and trust, 100 R E A L human supporters was significant to me. This number of supporters helped me gather analytics to understand more about what my audience liked the most from my content. This is where knowing the history of Instagram, comes into play. I started to notice that my videos and my photos of M E were getting the most traction. Graphis and carousels did well, but photos of me always performed better. Without further udo, let’s slightly dive into why photo sharing vs graphics and video content will probably always have a significant place on the Instagram app.

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When App Development Meets Photography

Before Instagram was Instagram it was named something else that sounded nothing like Instagram. The creator of Instagram named it this by combining the words instant and telegram. A telegram is simply message sharing. Instagram was special because it combined messaging with photo sharing. But why photo sharing? The original creator of Instagram studied and practiced photography and wanted to use the app to share what he captured. He was also skilled in Photoshop and created the first filters used on the app to enhance regular everyday photos that people wanted to share. Knowing that information speaks to the culture of grid aesthetics, and why accounts with beautiful grid aesthetics do well. It was built to be the photographers (aka a photo lovers) portfolio. The use of the app in this way was very successful. So successful that celebrities began to use the app as well.

This is why til’ this day, there are accounts with over 300 million followers. These celebrities got in when Instagram was just getting started, Funny thing, these celebrity accounts have more followers than the original creator of the app. I wanted to share that part, to put the potential of growing on the app in perspective. Instagram is an established profitable advertising social media app. The days of growing 100’s of thousands of followers on Instagram organically is no longer a determining factor of your business success. At this point, Instagram is a free way to market your creativity and or products and services. While Instagram is now focusing on video content, the app has a deep history that started because of a photographer. So, in my opinion, beautiful crisp professional photography will always play a significant role in the use of the app. Now, onto why I switched my Public Instagram accounts to Private.

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Build It & Sustain It

Like I mentioned earlier, after growing each of my accounts to over 100 followers & under 1k followers, I started to hon in on what my supporters wanted from me, according to each account category. Having small followings is actually a key ingredient to being able to sustain EXCELLENT customer service. Customer service looks different on social media. Basically, social media customer service allows me to respond to the majority (aka ALL of) the consumers that engage with my content. I love this about having a small, niched community of supporters. If you’re asking, “but how do you get clients?” I do my BEST work on each project I produce. After each project, another client comes along, because they watch the progress of the previous project. Typically, my clients follow me on Instagram. Therefore, whoever they refer to me will also request to follow me based on the work I did for that client. Private accounts also allow users to see your BIO, and your linkinbio. I strategically make my linkinbio a work horse to guide content consumers to my public long form content. They decide from there if they want to request to follow me. My linkinbio serves as my public portfolio on Instagram.

Reliable Privacy & No More Bots

One of the greatest benefits of having private accounts with high Instagram story engagement is the absence of bots & all spam. Private mode basically blocks anyone until I approve or delete a request. This means I no longer see weird bot story viewers, and no more spam comments talking about DM us babe to be a brand ambassador LOL. The next question you may ask is “how do you plan on working with brands?” My YouTube, Podcast, and Blog are public with copyright. These are all built with SEO (search engine optimization), which means that putting more effort into these platforms has more longevity than short form content. The brand collab checks are historically larger when brands use your blog and YouTube to directly advertise to your niche audience. Affiliate marketing is my preference vs Influencer marketing. This is why having a public Instagram is not a huge concern to me. Affiliate marketing on Instagram doesn’t need me to have a public account. Currently, I have a few affiliate marketing platforms that help me make cents on the dollar for suggesting things I love to my supporters. On another privacy note, even before I was a private account, I did not allow just anyone to follow me. The block button was in rotation. I’ve been particular since day (1). I realized that I didn’t want just anyone having access to my face. I have a reputation offline that is far more valuable than my online presence. I want to protect that at all costs. Last, but not least, I don’t have to worry as much about having my account duplicated on the app. Well, that’s all folks. That’s why after (2) years on Instagram I decided to go private.


Do you think that you can be effective in the marketing industry with a private social media account? Side note: If you want to know more details about the interesting history of Instagram you can simply search “The History of Instagram” on YouTube for short documentaries that share more details than I did.

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