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More and more we’re learning about the dangers of “signing up” to use popular apps. I want to preface this entire blog by letting you know that prior to starting my businesses I DID NOT have social media. To this day I DO NOT have personal accounts that feature my life. My social media accounts are directly tied to business pursuits of digital marketing and professional brand photography in Nashville, TN. OK, now that we have that clear I want to tell you a few reasons why I’ve decided to blog and YouTube more vs relying on short form social media apps to help with growing know, like, and trust with my current and potential digital marketing clients. I recently decided to delete one of my social media marketing apps. I will not be disclosing the name of the app in this blog post ummkay. Just know that this information can be applied to anything that is a time buster and has too many ways to store user data. One thing for sure business is business and I don’t interfere with anyone’s business, I just make sure I do what is needed to protect my privacy, time, and mental peace.

It’s who you are offline that matters.

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Do Your Comments & App Behavior Really Matter?

Now, I know the internet will have folks believing that their content isn’t significant unless their popular or famous, but news flash, famous or not your conduct, comments, and speech on social media are being stored and definitely can be pulled up for use by the app as long as the apps are installed. Notice I typed “installed” not in use, meaning that just having certain apps installed can possibly allow the reading of device data. It behooves me when people get on social media and carry-on with heavy topics and attack people’s character, not realizing that everything they say and do on the app can be a legal offense.

This is why my commentary is always uplifting, positive, and honest. Social media is not the time or place to pour your heart out to strangers. The popular app that I deleted will tell you in their privacy terms that your app behavior including your keystrokes are subject to be used as data to “customize” your app experience. Essentially, everything is monitored to be sure that you’re fed things you prefer. You may say, “isn’t that a good thing”. Is it? That leads me into the next subheading…

33 Monique Moments Blog | Deleting Apps | Blogging vs Social Media | Data Protection | Why I Left a Popular App

Time is Ticking with No Compensation

I don’t know about you, but I don’t subscribe to the notion that “it’s” okay to be reliant (subordinate) to an app just because “everyone else is”. That everyone else includes influential Influencers (Content Creators). See, the difference between Famous people and Well-Paid Content Creators is just that, they’re getting a check to be on apps. I’m not talking about working their way up to brand deals. No, many of them already have brand deals before they create the profile, and their post are monetized. That’s great for them, I like for everyone to get money to live their life, but the h o u r s spent on apps by the majority of viewers are not getting paid for those hours.

Some of that time could be spent doing non-social media things that could help build your brand’s credibility like blogging, video making, and podcasting. Even the famous folks that are on these apps are not famous because of the app. They were already famous for a talent they have whether it be acting, singing, writing etc. They have loyal fans that pretty much follow them wherever they go. So, what I’m saying is establish your brand and then disperse content out to social media to bring people into content that you own. When I was first getting my brands started, Mattie James was the first Influencer that I heard talk about social media being rented space and your long form blog, podcast, and vides being prime content real-estate that you own. Get some of that before spending countless hours swiping and scrolling. Set aside time to scroll and swipe and then go and do other brand building activities.

33 Monique Moments Blog | Deleting Apps | Blogging vs Social Media | Data Protection | Why I Left a Popular App

Social Media Privacy vs Social Media Virality

Money is a means to an end and is a way for us to support ourselves, buy things we need, travel, and occasionally buy things we think we need lol. Advertising money is a big deal in the world of influencing. Sometimes waving a big chunk of it in front of a person’s bank account can make all morals and integrity leave the building. It’s almost like, people reason: “that if I’m getting paid for it, it must be a good thing”. You already know what’s coming next: All money isn’t good money”. Don’t get me wrong, a brand deal that is in harmony with what you already talk about in your content is an awesome opportunity. However, I feel like having multiple streams of brand income make it to where you don’t have to completely rely on social media popularity to thrive.

I personally admire female entrepreneurs that have a variety of consumable monetized content. They are paid Speakers, Authors, Firm and (or) Agency owners. They have businesses that would grow if social media was non-existent. That’s why I built my By Me Monique® Digital Marketing Agency before I started to build my photography focused content creator profile at 33 Monique Moments. I wanted to be sure I owned a business that would be in demand offline and online. This way I can enjoy my privacy and avoid being reliant (subordinate) to algorithms.

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