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It’s a bird! It’s a bee! It’s a S Q U I R R E L! Kidding, it’s really just me with a creative squirrel brain. Just in case you don’t know what that is, let me explain real quick. A creative squirrel brain according to the 33 Monique Moments dictionary is a person that has 100 ideas in their thoughts at any given time of the day LOL. This person usually has an awesome imagination, they learn fast, they notice a great majority of their surroundings, and their thoughts often trigger more creativity. Essentially, their brain is the perfect breeding ground to be an internet content creator. Which leads me back to me and how I control and organize my creative squirrel brain. Maybe some of my hacks will help you too, my fellow squirrel brain creative. Let’s get started.

I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

Brain Dumping Your Creative Thoughts

The first step to organizing my life and content, is to type it all out and or write it ALL out. This is extremely therapeutic. As a matter of fact, me writing this blog post is writing therapy. By writing or typing things out you mentally empty your thoughts, so that new ones can have somewhere to live. I like to empty my creative thoughts and life plans on my iPhone, Asana, and Notion. I’m going to break down the most useful features of each one of these platforms so that you can start organizing your thoughts immediately, maybe even before you finish reading the blog, OK, now I’m being extra lol. First up the iPhone Reminders feature.

iPhone Reminders to Never Forget (pun totally intended)

I often have things that I need to remember to purchase, and things I don’t want to forget because I thought of them at the most random time. This is where my iPhone Reminders really come in handy. I don’t carry my laptop everywhere, but my iPhone is pretty much my third hand. For a long time, I used the Notes feature. However, I’ve discovered that iPhone Reminders have similar features to Asana, which we’ll get to next. Since, I’m creative, I love to customize / design just about everything. In iPhone Reminders you can create a list and pick a color and icon avatar for that list. You simply click “add list” and the options come up for you to customize the list. This is such a lifesaver for keeping track of possible YouTube content, Instagram REELS, and any other platform you create on. You can create a brainstorm list for each platform. Within a list you can also add links, schedule time, and add to calendars. These features help me out with shopping list, links I see on the internet that I want to access again quickly, and I like to create my morning routine so that I can have the satisfaction of checking off each reminder. The cool thing about completing a task in iPhone Reminders is that it disappears. This is extremely freeing for creative squirrel brain people. Once I create the YouTube video that compliments this blog, I will attach it to this blog. Next is the big one, Asana.

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Asana CRM is Basically My Employee

Yes girl, Asana CRM (content -or- client relationship manger), does the WORK! In addition to planning my own life and content, I plan content and marketing strategies for my clients. Typically, I have (3) to (6) clients under contract at one time. This means that Monday -to- Thursday I have client task to complete every day. Even it’s just checking in and making sure their doing okay and that they don’t need anything from me at the moment. To be a client in my agency is to be treated with respect and undivided attention. When I create a new project in Asana for my clients, I use the “Task List” Dashboard option. It’s easier for clients to navigate that view of their task. When I create a project for my content, I use the “Board Task” Dashboard. I like this view because I can add in my brand colors to the boards to make it look cohesive and compartmentalized. If you want to add a board cover in Asana, the dimensions I use are 2000×2000 png. I also enjoy customizing my Asana calendars. I create tags that have different colors. I add these tags to the task so that the calendar is fun to look at and easy to determine what is urgent and what needs more dedicated time. Might I mention as well, that communicating with my clients via Asana is a dream. It’s so much better than email because both you can and the client can access stuff in one board and one app, Alright, so last but not least Notion.

Notion is a Work Horse

I say this because I use Notion for life stuff, client proposals, and client content management. I like to use Notion for my clients that are more tech savvy. It’s important for me to have options for client communication and project management. So, let’s rewind back to that client proposal piece. When clients book a consultation with me, I combine all of my brand research and or ideation for their consultation in Notion. I customize the page cover and the page avatar to reflect their brand mood or their already established brand identity. This builds trust with the client immediately. They see I’ve done my homework; they see their brand already reflected in the suggestions and by the time we get to the price quote they’re more at ease. A few features I like to use in Notion include: Call Out, Toggle, Image attachment, Video attachment, To-Do, Calendar, and Headings. There are MANY more. They even have templates built in for you to browse. Pro tip: search Notion templates on Etsy to get beautiful templates for budgets, projects, calendars, and anything your Notion heart desires. If you’re interested in learning how to use Notion more efficiently for your small business, apply for By Me Monique® T.E.K. Cohort. This is the type of hands-on training provided in the (6) week cohort sessions. I hold these cohorts twice a year in May / June and in October / November. Well, there you have it. Free digital ways to get your creative squirrel brain in order.


Which, if any, of these hacks do you already use?

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