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You’re here for one of two reasons. You just tested positive for Covid-19, or you are like me and enjoy reading real life blogs about what everyday people do to overcome common illnesses. Soooo…let’s go ahead and get into the what, how, when, and how long of my time with Covid-19. Please Note: that this is my personal experience and anything in this blog is for informational purposes only. Please contact your healthcare provider to discuss your Covid-19 symptoms.

My Symptoms

I work in healthcare, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I came in contact with the airborne virus. The first thing I noticed was a scratchy throat that was slightly inflamed. This inflammation caused a soreness when I talked or swallowed. The onset of my sore throat was in the morning. The second symptom that came was a bad sinus feeling headache and feeling feverish. This onset was in the afternoon about 4 hours after I started feeling the sore throat. Last, but not least, was the actual temperature. The onset of the temperature was about 2 hours after the onset of my headache. I knew that the headache was unique. It was not like my normal sinus headache that usually relives itself with the use peppermint oil. This headache laughed at my peppermint oil…side eye. I decided to get some rest and the next day I tested positive + for Covid-19. I immediately contacted my primary care provider for the next steps.

My Healing Routine

Now I know you are probably expecting me to name a list of products that I used to help me. Not yet…lol. My PCP advised me to REST and HYDRATE in addition to using a fever reducer to reduce my feverish symptoms. I want to really put emphasis on the REST and HYDRATE. These are two things that helped me recover within 10 days of the first symptom onset. Resting for me meant NOT going to work. The nature of my healthcare job is high energy. Covid-19 made me feel fatigued. I was grateful that I could take off work and allow my body to heal and go through the motions of recognizing the virus and healing.

Hydrating is often underestimated. Hydrating to me meant drinking half my body weight in purified water. I also made sure to eat low sodium soup and I made fruit protein smoothies. These food choices boosted my energy and my micro minerals. I made sure to eat at the same times every day and I took my multivitamin in the evening with dinner. If you’re wondering, I DID NOT lose my taste or smell. On the first day of onset symptoms, I did not have a big appetite. Ok, so now that you know the two big things that helped me heal, let’s chat about the products that helped to make my rest enjoyable.

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Stuff I Used to Heal

Besides REST ing and HYDRATing I made sure to take a few supplements to aid in my healing. The first thing I used was the Target Up and Up brand of zesty orange immune support vitamin C and minerals effervescent tablets. I would drink this every other day in the morning. I used my vegan gluten free protein powder by LIVWELL Nutrition in my berry smoothies with almond milk. I made sure use the almond milk with no added sugar or flavor. In the evening I took my multivitamins with my dinner. I made sure to eat less dairy, because dairy would create more mucus for me. To help ease my headache I took the smallest dose of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory nsaids. Even though peppermint oil didn’t help my headache at first, eventually it did help. For my throat I also used the Ricola Cherry Honey Throat Drops. To keep warm, I made sure to dress warm and apply my KOYA Naturals Soft Velvet Flax Seed Pillow with Lavender- Microwave Heating Pad – Microwavable Moist Heat Pack – for Neck, Muscle, Joint, Stomach Pain. I was sure to stay away from strong scents in my body care and I if you need to burn a candle, I suggest a vegan candle that has eucalyptus as the fragrance. Anything else aggravated my sensitive inflamed sinuses. Alright, that’s all I have. The other things are priceless, like family and friends that kept me calm and positive. I tested negative on day 8 after the onset of my symptoms. In this case, I was very happy to see the word NEGATIVE.

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