Bentonite Clay Mask Routine for Oily Acne Prone Skin

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I think that we are all aware of the different organic trends that go on, and one of the popular natural skin care trends is the use of bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is basically a clay that is from the earth and it can be used on your face, hair, and your body. The question is : will this bentonite clay help to clear acne prone skin? In this blog I’m gonna’ tell you my experience with using bentonite clay.

33 Monique Moments
33 Monique Moments

The Process of Using Bentonite Clay

I have oily skin, and my oily skin is extremely sensitive. Does this sound familiar? If it does keep reading.  A lot of times people with oily skin are encouraged to buy products that say things like “oil free”. The problem with this, is that saying something is oil free is not the only thing you should be looking for in a product for oily skin. Because if you know anything about oily skin and the moisture skin barrier, then you know that stripping your skin of natural oils will actually make your acne worse.

And this is where my story with bentonite clay begins. The way that you use bentonite clay on your skin is by way of a mask. You add apple cider vinegar to the clay, and you mix it until you get a consistency that is like a thick mask consistency. The consistency should be smooth enough to spread the mask easily onto your skin. Now, already we have two very strong products we are using on our skin. Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and bentonite clay attracts any impurities in the pores and brings them out. When you have the mask on your face, the way that you know the mask is drying is when the mask is hard, and your face is actually pulsating. Side note : It is known that you should avoid using metal appliances to mix your bentonite clay, instead you can use wood or plastic. For further explanation of why, you can Google that.

Proper Mask Removal and Face Moisturizing After Using the Bentonite Clay

To properly remove the bentonite clay from your face you need to wet a clean cloth with warm water. You then take the warm cloth and press it onto your face. As you press the warm cloth on your face, you will notice that the pulsating will stop, and your skin will loosen. During the mask process your skin was tightening. After you pat your face multiple times with the warm cloth, the mask will start to break up and come off your face. After the mask is almost done being removed from the skin you can begin to wipe the rest of the mask off your face.

In my experience, after I remove the mask from my skin completely using this warm cloth method, my skin is extremely soft. This feels wonderful, but very quickly I start to feel my face drying. In other words, the mask did its job of removing the oil and impurities from my pores. I still want to avoid my skin making even more oil, thinking that it will not receive any moisture. So, this is what I do after removing the bentonite clay mask :

  • I apply a moisturizing rose water liquid and let that sit on my skin and penetrate my pores
  • Next, I take my moisturizer and I gently moisturize my skin  
  • After that I use a moisturizing serum that has glycerin within the 1st five ingredients and pat that into my skin

How to Purchase the Exact Products I Use

One thing about skin routines and people who tell you about them, is that you need to know exactly what they use in order to have a chance of even getting close to a result that they talked about. If you are interested in trying my process, I am going to drop every link from Amazon to show you exactly what I use on my face when I do bentonite clay mask routine.

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